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Amanda is a Seattle based director, educator and theatre maker.  Her highly theatrical and intellectually rigorous work is distinguished by the organic and inclusive process by which she develops productions.  In addition to directing, Amanda frequently designs for her own shows in addition to building puppets and masks for other companies.

From a young age, Amanda was always interested in theatre as a collaborative and multidisciplinary art form.    She grew up in rural Wisconsin in a in a family of do-it-yer-selfers, where learning to sew and using power tools went hand in hand.  As a child she played piano and marimba, and spent many years performing as a dancer and actor.  At the age of 17 she was asked to direct her first production - South Pacific.  It was as a director that she discovered a place to unite her creative interests with a unique set of intellectual challenges that ultimately set her on the path she is on today…..and convinced her not to pursue Astrophysics.

Amanda later studied at Macalester College where she developed both a deep appreciation for theatre as an intellectual playground as well as a forum for socio-political conversation.  In addition to directing, she studied performance and design, while simultaneously spending several years working in the scene shop.  

As an adult, she found herself with a fantastically broad skill set that opened doors into mask and puppetry in addition to directing.   Professionally, she has built puppets for Basil Twist and Hudson Vagabond puppets.  She also spent a year touring with Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theatre puppeteering and performing in addition to serving as the company’s technical director.

Amanda has also made frequent forays into education, most notably as the Director of Education at Barrington Stage where she taught and directed for their summer program, produced their semi-professional youth theatre, and facilitated their nationally recognized Playwright Mentoring Program for local at risk youth.  She has also taught and directed for both Wingspan Arts in New York City and Stagedoor Manor in upstate New York.

As a director, Amanda draws on this diverse skill set and on the experiences she has had in both regional theatre and the downtown art scene.  She strongly believes in creating work that is socially and politically relevant; work that experiments with form exploring all of the artistic extremities intersecting in theatre; work that dares artists to come together to seek the possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of their individual imagination.   

You can find a list of her directing credits here.  In addition, please visit her portfolio for pictures from several recent productions.